11 jan. 2014

Interview with Alexus

Today we are going to know a lovely girl. I know her via twitter and we have had loads of conversations. Also she writes a lot on her blog. Are you curious! Then read on quickly...
What is your age? 13
What country are you from? U.S
How long have you been blogging and when did you start? Around September 2013
Why did you start blogging? To get a message out to people and to express how I feel.
What is your biggest achievement in your blogging 'career'? 253 page views
What is your pageview-record? 253
What is your aim? Over 300
From how many countries are your followers? I do not know, sorry
What is your favourite subject to write about? What I think about the world and teenagers today.
What is the nicest response you ever received about your blog? That it was good :) thank you
What's your URL? I'm not sure.      ( link )
So I hope you enjoyed reading this interview. And that you just found a new blogger/blog.
If you want to leave a message. Be my guest!

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