14 nov. 2013

Interview with Natasha Cynthia

Today we're going to meet Natasha Cynthia. Are you interested to get to know her, then read on quickly.

What is your age?
What counry are you from?
How long have you been blogging and when
did you start?
2 months I start on 3 september
Why did you start blogging?
For school task
What is your biggest achievement in your
blogging 'career'?
I can get 89 point for my task
What is your pageview-record?
What is your aim?
For share information to public
From how many countries are your
For now just from indonesia
What is your favourite subject to write
Hatsune miku
What is the nicest responce you ever
received about your blog?
My friend response that's my blog is
amazing. My teacher say my blog is perfect.
What's your url?
I have 3 url. But i just have one url for my task  
Thank you all for reading this, I hope you liked it. There will be a new interview soon.

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